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More Southern Texas Haunts (E-G)

Edinburg - 18th Street
Located on Shunior and 18th on the corner. This house is always for rent. The owner can't keep people in there because of terrifying noises that go on there.

Edinburg - Austin Elementary
Located 1/4 mile from Hillcrest cemetery, It is said that at night you can see things walking around the school yard.

Edinburg - UTPA - Troxxell Hall Dormotories
Legend says that a girl got pregnant by a one night stand, that she thought really cared for her. She contemplated giving herself an abortion, but couldn't go through with it, so she comitted suicide. At night she goes through the dorm knocking on doors.

GeorgeWest - Live Oak County CourtHouse
People have heard sounds of children playing, although there have been no children harmed or killed there. Also, in the district court room, there is a picture of a past district judge and the eyes follow you around. And if you go to the 2nd floor, the founder of the city, George Washington West, has been seen in that hallway too.

Goliad - Mission Espiritu De Santo
Reports of seeing an apparitional indian on a horse, hearing drum sounds and the smell of pipe smoke. Also there have been reports of a phantom wolf that dissapears, running into the woods.

Goliad - Presidio La Bahia
An old Spanish mission dating from the 1700's.  It is reportedly extremely haunted, due to the many executions of Texan revoluntionaries by General and President  of Mexico, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, on Palm sunday, 1836.  Among other spirits that roam there is a short priest  that roams the chapel yard, a cold, misty area in one corner of the court yard. Moans and sighs can be heard throughout the main courtyard and there has been an apparition of a lady praying in the chapel.

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