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Corpus Christi Haunts

Corpus Christi - Old  Nueces County  CourtHouse
It is rumored that many people were hung and sentenced to death there. The rumor is that a young boy went to the courthouse on the night of Halloween in the early 1900's. He did not believe in ghosts at that time. He went up to the top floor where all the death sentences went through. He went over to a window and looked at a rope with what looked like blood on it, when some force threw him over the edge of the window. It is said that specialist found blood on the rope and the window sill where he tried to hold on. He hit the cement face first. Also, it is said that sometime in the early time of the courthouse that a man entered the post office located in the bottom section of the courthouse and opened fire, kiling most of the employees and patrons.

Corpus Christi - Bill Witt Park Airplane Hangar
Haunted by the spirit of a man that hung himself from the rafters of the hangar. He has been seen looking out, of the now broken windows of the old hangar.

Corpus Christi - Calallen High School
The elavator by the theatre arts room is said to be haunted. At night it opens and closes by itself , when no one is there to press the buttons. It has been witnessed several times by students there after school hours for extracuricular activites. One of the janitors has seen the ghost of a young teenage girl roaming the halls after school hours.

Corpus Christi - Heritage Park Museums-
There are 4 houses that are haunted.

1) The Sidbury House: A child supposedly haunts the childrens's room by playing with dolls and moving stuff and knocking things down.
2) The Galvan House:  A ghost is said to tap people on the shoulder unexpectedly on the second floor and have heard footsteps going toward the attic.
3) The Christian House Bistro: Have had reports of a  lady wearing a ole time dress, hat and shoes walking into the front door and dissapearing. They have only seen her backside.
4) Mac Campbell House: Has a ghost named Mary, that died of pneumonia, is said to not let the tour guides in the house or to cause noises.  If they go out on the patio, she is known to lock them out and they have to summon help from passerbys.

Corpus Christi - Nueces River
Many years ago, a woman and her child were home alone when their house caught on fire, They perished in that fire. It has been said you can see her walking the banks of the river mourning her babies loss.

Corpus Christi - The Uss Lexington
It is rumored that in the broiler room a young blue eyed sailor will give you directions to where things are located.

More Southern Texas Haunts (A-D) (listed alphebetically)

Alice Tx -  Old Rialto Theatre on Main Street
This movie theatre was closed in the 1980's. Former employees and occasional patrons
claim to have seen shadowy figures in the upper dakrned hallways and experienced feelindgs of dread. Feelinds of being watched froma upper level were also experienced.

Alice Tx -  Walmart
There is claims that a ghost roams the aisles of this Walmart who plays jokes on the associates. There is also a spirit that has caused major problems in the store by making accidents happen and causing damage to merchandise and equipment in the store. The associates have nicked named the pratical joker " Matilda"  as the sex is not known.  On the other hand, the problem causing ghost has never been named, because the associates prefer no contact with that spirit. The Walmart is built on the old homested of the Collins Family who founded Alice Tx.  The family cemetery is adjacent to the Walmart store.

Alice Tx - Wiliam Adams Junior High and Middle School
A young teenage girl is said to roam the halls looking for her love who is rumored to be the one that killed her.

Alice Tx - Old Hospital P and S
Reports of a call bell going off on the second floor when no one is in the room and even after it has been unplugged.

Alice Tx - The Reservoir - aka Alice Lake
People say that after the gates are locked on the pier you can se orbs and feel cold spots and when fishing you can hear screams for help from a girl who fell in there.

Cleburne - Old Foamy
When you go to this little water stream go at night , Turn your lights off and honk 3 times. Then they say a goat man will appear before you and that other strange things happen to your car.

Cleburne - Wright Place
It has been claimed haunted by several experts. The first floor is still a small cafe, the second floor is rarely used. People have seen the figure of a young woman near a window and the smell of oranges. Legend says that she was pushed out the window by an angry boyfriend.

Donna - El Casabel
El Casabel is an old bar that is out in the country. It has been abandoned since 1995. They say that two men were drinking and one shot the other and at midnight he can be seen around where they were drinking.

Donna - Silver Nugget Saloon
Some say that late at night, one can hear music playing and lights going on and off by themselves .

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