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More Southern Texas Haunts (L)

Laredo - El Barrio
Apparitions of a woman and child dressed in white have been seen.

Laredo - Firestation #2
Believed to be an old gravesite before the station was built and is haunted by a firefighter name Lupito. Fire fighters have felt their legs being pulled off their beds and  have witnessed furniture moving, shaking and levitating.

Laredo - Hamilton Hotel
Voices of children can be heard running and playing.

Laredo - H.E.B. Guadalupe
An Apparition of a man can be seen dragging himself from section to section looking for the exit.

Laredo -  La Posasda Hotel
The hotel is aside the Rio Grande River and the St. Augustan Church. The building was once a convent and people have seen a nun roaming the hotel as well as a spirit that takes the employes form and looks just like them but will not speak. Other occurences that have occured are, cold spots, someone calling your name,  objects moving and in the ballroom, footsteps can be heard.

Laredo - Lake Casa Blanca Ballroom
One night after a dance a guy gave a young lady wearing a necklace a ride home. When she got out, her necklace was left in the car. The guy looked around for her and she had dissapeared. He got out of the car and went to the door and rang the
bell. The man at the door explained that it looked like his daughters necklace but that she had been dead for 5 years; she had drowned at the lake.

Laredo - Laredo Mall
A little girl dressed in  mid 1900's clothing is seen walking holding a doll and crying.

Laredo - Martin High School
There used to be a cemetery where the school is now. It is rumored that they only moved the headstones and not the bodies. At night, you can see shadows in the gym.

Laredo - Mercy Regional Diagnostic Center
Used to be an old apartment building just South of St. Augustin High School in the
heights area. Reports of a demonic looking figure with glaring eyes and a wide grin and a serpent looking tongue hanging out.

Laredo - Nixon High School
During the 70's, a girl on the school dance team was killed by her jealous boyfriend. Rumors are she was decapitated and can be seen in the halls with no head.

Laredo - Old Mercy Hospital
This place has been closed for years, but it is said that at night you can hear voices of the people that died there.

Laredo - Old Police Station
It is said that after the station was closed, that some people practiced witchcraft here. You can feel cold spots and hear whispers behind your back, and a cat with no head has been seen.

Laredo - Rio Grande River
The river is haunted by a lady named Maria. She pushed her 3 children off a cliff and then killed herself the same way the next day. She has been seen hunting her children on the river and if she sees you, she comes after you thinking you are one of her children.

Laredo - United Middle School
It was rumored that a girl was killled at a basketball game, when the ball bounced down the stairs and she followed after it. It is said that you can hear her and see her shadow.

Laredo - V.M.T. Magnet School
Reports of footsteps being heard on the second floor along with a foul odor that follows you around the room.

Laredo - Zacate Creek
A lady covered in mud wearing a white dress has been seen walking through the La Azteca area. There is usually a foul odor that accompanies the ghost.

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