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More Southern Texas Haunts (M-V)

McAllen - La Casa de Palmas
It is said that the 3rd floor is haunted. If you have more info on this, Please email us at ccpinvestigations@

McAllen - Toys R Us
4 years ago, a boy climbed a ladder to get to the loft, fell and broke his neck. Once in awhile, a boys laughing and running around in the loft can be heard.

Mission - City Cemetery
They say that troll like creatures scare and run people out.

Mission - LaLomita Mission
This old mission has been recently reopened to the public. In the missions heyday, priests were rumored to be having sex with the nuns and burying the childrens bodies on the grounds. One night, some illegal emigrants, who were aware of what was going on, went in and killed 2 of the priests. The 3rd priest went to get help but somehow died while seeeking aid.  The robes and bones of 2 of the priests were displayed until a couple of years ago. Thereafter, it became an asylum for the mentally challenged. Many of the employees report seeing people in robes waking the grounds at night. The asylum has completely shut down, but the grounds are open to tourists during the day.

Mission - Mission Junior High School - Science Building, East stairwell
At night you can see the shadow of a man walking up and down the stairs (supposedly a teacher that fell down the stairs and died).

Monte Alto - La Bodega
It is said that this place has claimed the lives of many. There have been many sightings and reports of noises heard by people cleaning up. The noises sound like the place is in working order. Laughter from rooms that are not in use, chills and shadows also experienced.

San Benito
It is said that in the old high school you can hear cries and screams and a little girl walks the halls of the abadoned school that used to be a hospital for WWII injured.

San Juan -  The old PSJA Auditorium
It has been said that many years ago a janitor or technician was putting a new light on top and fell and died. To this day if you look up at the area the light has never been replaced. It is said that if you put on a production there, you best add his name to the program or he will ruin your show.

Santa Rosa
Long ago a restless spirit of a woman called "LaLlorona" or "weeping woman" would walk down the roads of "El Ricon Del Diablo" or " The den of the devil." She would weep for the loss of her children that drowned in a canal not far from the village. The town had a excorcism done to rid the town of this restless spirit. Nothing has occured in the town since, but if you go to the canal at night, her cries can still be heard.

Skidmore - BillMore House
People have claimed that a small child haunting the attic and the owners claim to have heard laughing and crying through the walls at night. They also hear a dripping sound  coming from the ceiling fan area. They say they know there is a ghost in this house because a child was killed there by his father, hung from the ceiling fan.

Victoria - Cinema 4 ,  Salem 6 , Playhouse 4
At cinema 4 there is a ghost of a woman  that watches workers clean, she is playful and calls your name. They have also seen a little boy running up to the concession stand then dissapear. Also trash cans have rolled up the isles and cold spots throughout the building.

Victoria - Tanglewood Townhouses
Have had reports of things moving by themselves, lights going on and off . Things flying through mid-air, temperature drops and cold spots.

Victoria - Victoria County Courthouse
Construction workers have claimed to have seen flashes of light and "floating balls of light" and an apparition on the second floor.

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