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Old Cemetery On The Hill
Report Prepared By: Beckie
Site Location: San Patricio , Texas.
Contact for site: None
Date of Investigation: Feb.21,2004.
Start Time: 10:30 p.m.
Stop Time:  11:15 p.m.
Investigators: Beckie

Introduction & History:
The first Spanish settler, therefore, in what is known as the San Patricio area was Martin de Leon, who came from Mexico with his wife and family. He occupied two leagues of land that encompassed the Santa Margarita Crossing and present Round Lake. It is evident that he did not receive title to these leagues. Nevertheless, for a number of years it was known as de Leon's Santa Margarita Ranch. On account of the droughts and the Indians he moved his ranch to the Aransas River. Then during a drought there, he drove his cattle to the Guadalupe River Valley on April 8, 1824. He saw the lush pastures of that region. So later in 1824 he applied to the Mexican Government for a contract to colonize 42 Mexican families on the Guadalupe River. As empresario he settled the town of Victoria. During the years that Martin de Leon stayed on his ranch on the Nueces (1807-1811) together with those who came with him, it is reasonable to assume that there were some deaths (infant mortality was high) and that these were likely the first to be buried in the Old Cemetery on the Hill. Oral tradition has it that there had been a Mexican settlement on the site of the present town of San Patricio. [Miller, Mrs. S.G., Sixty Years in the Nueces Valley; Bluntzer, Kate Dougherty, obituaries] It could have been none other than the settlement or ranch of Martin de Leon. Harbert Davenport unequivocally states that Martin de Leon's two leagues were on the Texas side of the river. This being the case, it puts them on the San Patricio side running back to Round Lake. There is a tradition that Round Lake was at one time called Santa Margarita Lake. [Interview with the late Lida Dougherty] When McMullen and McGloin came to the Nueces in 1830, the old Cemetery on the Hill already existed, else they would not have buried their dead there, but would have buried them on the block designated "cemetery" by the Mexican Government in 1831. Early graves, both Mexican and Irish, bore grave markers of wooden crosses. These could not withstand the elements, and in time deteriorated. Ernpresario James McGloin was buried there in 1856. He has no gravestone and his grave is lost. After going over the probate records of the estate of Empresarto James McGloin, one can assume that the reason for this was that his will was contested by his second wife, Mary Murphy McGloin, and was in litigation for twenty years, thus dissipating most of his land. His bachelor son, John J., died in 1857, and his married son, Gilbert, the father of two children, Mary Lizzle and James M., died in 1858. His eldest daughter, Mary Ann McGloin Grover, died in 1857. It is certain that these McGloin graves are here but are lost. If they ever had a stone, it was not one that would withstand the weather. His daughter, Elizabeth McGloin Murphy, who died in Corpus Christi in 1878, is buried there, but his youngest son, Edward, with his entire family is there and have substantial gravestones. [Book of Wills, Live Oak County Courthouse, Will of Elizabeth McGloin Murphy; obituaries, Kate D. Bluntzer] According to Msgr. E. Bartosch, who was pastor of San Patricio from 1939-63, the Old Cemetery on the Hill

Equipment Used:

Fugi Fine Pix A303 Digital Camera
Gateway 4.0 Digital and 2 Sony Digital Cameras
Gauss EMF Meter

Weather Conditions: Dry and chilly. Low Humidity. Temp 58
Geomagnetic Field: Storm
Solar X-ray: Active

Physical Investigation:

We arrived about 10:30p.m. we started walking through the cemetery it was very quiet and peaceful. 2 members heard footsteps behind us, pics were taken. All in all, a very active visit.

Analysis of Photos:

Preliminary findings show possible paranormal activity.

Summary & Conclusions: We all agree there is definite paranormal activity here .

::click photos below for larger view::

Plot Orbs

Ecto coming from headstone.

Curious Spirits

Headstone in back glowing

This pic was taken when the footsteps behind us were heard.

Something/Someone peeking through fence.

Spirits at gate as we are leaving.

Lone Exit Orb

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