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Old San Patricio Courthouse
Members Present:
Former members Beverly, Racheal, Mike
Members Tiffany,Beckie

San Patricio's first courthouses were in old San Patricio, the county seat until 1894. A wooden courthouse built in 1853 was the site of Chipita Rodriguez's trial. She was convicted of killing a horse trader in a most irregular trial. The jury recommended leniency, but the judge sentenced her to be hanged. She was hanged from a mesquite on a bank of the Nueces River on Nov. 13, 1863. A second courthouse built in 1872 in San Patricio burned in 1889. When the county seat was moved to Sinton in 1894, a new courthouse was constructed. It was torn down when the current courthouse was built in 1927.
Orbs all over the Courthouse.

align="center"> Male apparition between railings on porch.
Same pic only with the man marked.

Former memeber Mike surrounded by orbs in courtyard.

Former members Rachel and Mike with friends.

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