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Mission Statement
Beckie Giron - Founder/Chairperson

Corpus Christi Paranormal’s Mission Is To Provide The Most Accurate Scientific Research Delving Into Every Aspect Of The Paranormal. With Unique Interests In Phenomenon Such As :
Light Energies { Orbs,Rods }
Hauntings {Residual, Intelligent Spirit, Portal Hauntings and Poltergeist}
Electromagnetic Activity {Ectoplasm}

And Their Affects Associated With Our Social Interactions And Spiritual Beliefs.
At C.C.P.G.,
Our Ultimate Purpose Is To Present Truth To The Public Through Means Such As:
Use Of The Most Modern Equipment Available
Educational Venues

As Paranormal Investigators And Researchers,
It Is Our Responsibility , To Present All Findings Honestly And Truthfully To The Best Of Our Ability. We Are Committed To Being The “ Best” Paranormal Source Available In The South Texas And Coastal Bend Area.

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