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Centre Theater
Members Present:
Beckie Giron , CCP
Sabrina Roper , South Texas Paranormal Society

The Centre Theater is said to have a few resident ghost. A women that was an usherette had broken up with her jealous Houston boyfriend. He caught up with her up on the mezzanine by the ladies restroom and he stabbed her. The murder took place around 1942 the opening year of the Centre Theater. It was said "She was wearing a white satin usherette's uniform" when she was murdered. There is also word that two projectionists died in the Theater in the project room. The Theater is still in use to this day for TXW Wrestling events and concert events. For upcoming events at the Centre Theater, visit Alexis Lighting . {Many Thanks to South Texas Paranormal for the above information}

Fire Exit Spirit.

align="center"> Former Member Patricia covered by orb
Former Member Michele with orb.

possible apparition.

Former member Rachel with friends

Possible child apparition on stage watching

Stair Orbs

Balcony Orb.

Possible Apparition

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